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FRA 2019 5’
DIRECTED BY: Lior Nadjar
PERFORMED BY: Bonjr, Melanie Rose
Him, her, a summer evening in Paris. A fortunate meeting at a restaurant turns into a real orgy of the senses - one touch can fire up the imagination. Dreams of “what could have been” can become real, if we desire this hard enough.
Martyna Poważa
Lior Nadjar
A French director and screenwriter, he produces short films alongside music videos.


SWE 2019 3’
DIRECTED BY: Vedran Rupic
PERFORMED BY: Salvatore Ganacci
A well-dressed DJ achieves vengeance on animal abusers. A phenomenal video cocktail, a ride into the setting sun with an aesop and a happily-ever-after ending. But is revenge in defence of love truly justified?
Maciej Gryzełko
Vedran Rupic
A devilishly talented film shorts’ director, born in Bosnia and currently based in Sweden.


POL 2018 4'
DIRECTED BY: Jeremi Jędroś
Synthwave, hipno noir and levitating cucumbers. The vid, just like the electronica/guitar duo Bluszcz from Wrocław, seems to be largely inspired by the ‘80s wave of Polish synth, with distinct post-punk influences. Even if some of these names seem alien to you, you gotta see this one.
Maciej Gryzełko
Jeremi Jędroś
Born in 1987, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, where he is currently a lecturer. His main artistic areas are techniques of generating and developing 3D imagery. He’s been working in film, advertising and video games for 12 years now.


DEN 2019 4’
DIRECTED BY: Michael Kongshaug
PERFORMED BY: Lips Lips Lips
The characters in our vids differ by gender, nationality, values and goals. But they’re brought together by one thing - they’re all young. With one exception. The couple in the center of “Leave” spent several decades together; but it is her departure that ends up being their biggest challenge.
Patryk Chromik
Michael Kongshaug
Graduate of the American Film Institute. He was nominated for a College Emmy. In 2018, he was the director’s Creative Assistant for the war drama “12 Strong.”

Leaders of Great Magnitude

FRA 2018 6’
DIRECTED BY: Romeus Palmer
A ‘90s teleevangelist administers miracles and exorcisms like it’s no big deal. But! A challenger appears: a younger, prettier and more charismatic preacher. Who will win this battle for souls registered on VHS?
Patryk Chromik
Romeus Palmer
A French directing duo, specializing in adverts and music videos. From domestic violence to banana-pirate-horses.

Plata o Plomo II

POL 2019 3’
DIRECTED BY: Karol Grabarek, RED Film Studio
PERFORMED BY: Bambo the Smuggler feat.Mobbyn
Karol Grabarek, the author of this vid for Bambo the Smuggler, is inspired by the retro classics of gaming. Duke Nukem, Pac-Man or the first GTAs propel forward both the narrative and graphics engine of this intensely feisty music video.
Maciej Gryzełko
Karol Grabarek, RED Film Studio
A 20-year-old student of American Studies at the University of Gdańsk from Świeć. Director, editor, lover of audio-visual arts and the avantgarde aesthetics of chaos.

Movements (Chapter III)

USA 2018 4’
DIRECTED BY: Young Replicant
PERFORMED BY: Leon Vynehall
New York entering the ‘60s. Two young waitresses, a roadside diner. The ups and downs of everyday life in the not-so-old world before the digital “revolution.” An epic, yet quite sensual music video about the secrets of moments. Definitely one of Young Replicant’s most beautiful vids, a must see on the big screen!
Maciej Gryzełko
Young Replicant
Aka Alex Takács - Canadian-born director of ads and music videos, currently based in the US. Alex has made several award-winning vids for Alt-J, Bonobo, Lorde or Flying Lotus.


USA 2018 4’
DIRECTED BY: Allie Avital
PERFORMED BY: serpentwithfeet
The story of two brother-husbands sharing lust, joy, fear and shame, referencing the film “Grey Gardens.” The hysterical dance inside a decaying villa hypnotizes from the first moment and stays with you for a long time.
Patryk Chromik
Allie Avital
A New York-based director, author of acclaimed vids for Moses Sumney. She’s currently working on her feature debut for Venice’s Biennale.

I'm Not

CHE 2018 4’
DIRECTED BY: Andrea Schneider
PERFORMED BY: Pablo Nouvelle
“True skill comes not from long age, but many travels”, as the old proverb says. A lyrically-soaked music video collage, with the leitmotif of a multi-spatial journey at its center.
Maciej Gryzełko
Andrea Schneider
A Swiss artist based in Zurich. Since 2011, she works as an independent filmmaker, animator and illustrator.

Drogie Ciuchy

POL 2018 5’
DIRECTED BY: Jakub Dylewski
Bella Ćwir in a visual creation made by the Limanka Fashion House, with Tomasz Armada as its art director. Brave designs coupled with queer relentlessness, caked in some Polish batter. The spot where queer meets cheap cigarettes and Polish identity.
Michał Banko
Jakub Dylewski
Łódź Film School graduate. Cinematographer of countless independent film productions. Currently working with the Limanka Fashion House.

Heavy Metal

GBR / USA 2018 4’
DIRECTED BY: Filip Nilsson
We know they were inspired by Beyoncé’s Coachella performance. We know how much work they had to put in for the vid to play electronica for 212 members of a marching band. We don’t know how is it possible for every second of this music video to exude euphoria.
Patryk Chromik
Filip Nilsson
A Swede from Göteborg. Apart from authoring dozens of music videos (Olsson, Amason, Röyksopp) and ads (Volvo, KIA, KFC, Sony), he’s also a bungee instructor.


FRA 2018 4’
DIRECTED BY: Gystere Adrien Peskine
PERFORMED BY: Gystere Live Gang
VHS is here to stay in the world of music videos. There will be cosmos on the green screen, there will be glitches and unexpected visual cut-ins. Everything in an original package of the cosmopolitical, feminist matter of Gystere Live Gang’s music.
Michał Banko
Gystere Adrien Peskine
A French DJ, musician, illustrator and director. A self-proclaimed underground star.

Taas tuntemaan

FIN 2019 4’
DIRECTED BY: Samuel Häkkinen
A sprinkle of metaphysics locked in an image. Intimate strangers in a place beyond time. Meetings akin to group therapy. Samuel Häkkinen serves all these and other treats in this oneiric music video for Helsinki’s Kasper.
Maciej Gryzełko
Samuel Häkkinen
A Finnish director and cinematographer. Author of ads, music videos and commercials. His biggest dream is to… own a giraffe (we ain’t pulling your leg!).

Kiss Me Malibu

ESP 2019 4’
DIRECTED BY: Mikel Arraiz
Who decides what and how fast can we do something in mounting lust? Family, TV, church, tradition, habits? This is the question at the centre of this funny, erotic vid for Neon Palms. Spoiler: it’s a jar.
Patryk Chromik
Mikel Arraiz
Co-founder of the production company Velle del Cielo. Author of vids and shorts, educator and musician. Based in Navarre.

Joseph in the Bathroom

CAN 2019 5’
DIRECTED BY: Lucas Hrubizna
Imagine a dream in which you’re back in high school. Will the dormant anxieties of the past return as you once again move through the school dungeon? Lucas Hrubizna’s music video is filled with surrealist allusions, skillfully balancing between what’s real and what visits us every now and then in nightmares.
Maciej Gryzełko
Lucas Hrubizna
A young Canadian filmmaker. He made several short documentaries and music videos screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival, SXSW or the Kraków Film Festival.