DEU 2019 99' DIRECTED BY:   Erik Schmitt SCREENPLAY:   Stefanie Ren, Erik Schmitt PRODUCED BY:   Urte Amelie Fink, Katja Lebedjewa
25.09 WED 21.00 Kino Światowid BUY TICKET

If you could turn back time, to what moment would you rewind it? The eponymous Cleo made a lot of mistakes in her life. She failed her family and friends. Suddenly, as if by magic, she discovers a treasure map, leading to an enchanted clock. Jumping after the “rabbit,” she arrives in Berlin from a different dimension. Erik Schmitt’s debut shows a different, unknown version of Germany’s capital and gives us surrealistic and nostalgic cinema, at once. Fans of such directors as Michel Gondry or Jean-Pierre Jeunet will feel at home, because Schmitt employs varied visual tricks, from animated sequences to optical illusions, efficiently utilizing them to enhance the story. These fantastic elements are complemented by Johannes Louis’ fantastic cinematography, which transforms Berlin into a place of magic and possibility. Will you go on a ride with us?

Erik Schmitt

A German director, until now known from short films, which received more than 100 awards and accolades. “Cleo” is his feature debut.