Editorial: 🔔

This year’s film competition is an attempt to decipher the “Unsubscribe” tagline, made by six people. Looking for pictures to fit the theme did not make the programmers’ jobs – consisting of digging through tons of the freshest debuts (and second films) – any easier. But! Every one of them, through their chosen films, proposes the festival audience their very own, distinct interpretation of the tagline.

What will we see in Katowice’s Światowid this year? Tom Cullen’s “Pink Wall” is a film deconstructing interpersonal relationships and their strength in the wake of the passage of time. Erik Schmitt’s “Cleo” – a colorful, nostalgic tale deftly intertwining optical illusions and animated motifs. Carlos Conceição’s wild “Serpentario” will take us to the post-apocalyptic world of African deserts. “Knife + Heart” is our second meeting with previous Ars Independent nominee Yann Gonzalez, who will take us to the Paris underground of the last, neon breaths of the ‘70s. Jasmin Mozaffari’s “Firecrackers” will ask whether young dreams can win against the crushing weight of reality. And finally, “House of Hummingbird” by Kim Bo-ra – a film chronicling the 14-year-old Eunhee’s search for love, acclaimed by festival audiences worldwide.

Which interpretation is more valid? That’s up to the audience. In response to the tagline itself, we will open up discussions after the screenings, inviting you to a dialogue.