Editorial: 559′ in the cinema

I’ve wasted several hours on my search for the common denominator to bind together this year’s film nominees with a theme. During this time, I’ve drunk two coffees and smoked two cigarettes. This long process, however, ended up fruitless. Describing six films chosen by six people from different worlds, of different professions and experiences isn’t an easy task to tackle. The films in the competitions are just like Ars’ curators – different. This year, the festival’s screens will host stories around the themes of: immigration, technological obsession, contemporary voyeurism. There will be stories of loss: of forgotten kingdoms, innocence lost and departed childhood. I can only assure you that like always, the competition will be a great setup for discussion – if not from a film studies perspective, then on the level of our perception of the surrounding world and the way to comment on its mounting problems. Which film will earn your favor? Which story will raise your heartbeat, which will lull you to sleep in the darkness of the cinema? Let’s find out, together. We start on September 26 at 6.30 pm, where we always do – at the Światowid cinema. See you!