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i hope that by now we’ve accustomed you to chaos. we’ve thoroughly planned it this year as well.

animation, music videos, video games, film and music, a visual, some smoke and demos here and there.

and you can’t even begin to, like, logically organize that, man.

and, well, kind of a tragicomedy came out of all this.

Paweł Dębski died – first, a winner at our festival, later – a juror.
Piotr Szulkin died – his name popped up for a long time during program discussions. it’s kind of sad we’ll screen his films only now.

we want to remember both of them.

however, we’re a festival and we’re not just about making you folks sad. thus, we’ve introduced a lot of comedy giving it a prestige space, as much as Ars can be prestigious in itself.

in competitions and outside of them, things aren’t better as such, but weirder – next to screenings for kids, we put screenings for wicked adults.

come join us on this emotional rollercoaster!

i wish you peace of mind in the coming days,