Editorial: No Hang-ups

A good music video is striking, maverick, often innovative narratively, technically or direction-wise. It’s something that can pull you into an original, peculiar world. A good music video is bold. With no hang-ups regarding its older, feature-length, big-screen brother. A good music video deserves to be shown on a bigger screen. Once again, we chose 30 such videos for the competition – and for you!

This year, the Black Horse has been overpacked – with the good stuff. An erotic dance with household goods (seriously!) awaits you. We have the story of a snail family and Laika 2.0. We selected formal experiments and visual masterpieces as well. There will be no shortage of social issues, LGBTQIA themes, or simply bold videos, escaping easy classification and labels. Year by year, the competition hosts more fantastic Polish videos – this year, we have 5 of those.

I am extremely pleased that with every festival, the number of viewers and enthusiasts of the Black Horse of Music Video steadily rises. That there’s so much more of you! That you share our ideal of a good, quality music video. If you never had the chance to participate in the competition screenings, welcome aboard to watch some videos with no hang-ups!