FAR: Lone Sails

CHE 2018 DEVELOPED BY:   Okomotive PUBLISHED BY:   Mixtvision
25.09 16.00 - 28.09 22.00 KMO: galeria 5 FREE ENTRY

An intelligent development of the puzzle-adventure concepts of “INSIDE”. In “FAR”, you play as a small character in a red cape, but they’re not the protagonist here. This title goes to the vehicle which transports the character through the endless wasteland. The steam-powered engine with which you form a symbiotic relationship is perhaps the first interactive realization of road movie ideas that actually works. The intimate odyssey takes place in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-less world – a contemplative, atmospheric, beautiful one.


A six-person independent studio from Zurich. “FAR” is their debut game, which began as a student project.