Horsing Around + Festival Opening

set of comedy animations
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“Horsin’ Around” to open the festival is a rejection of prestige in favor of atmosphere. It is a break from the pathos of a gala in favor of a meeting with the audience. The last smile before a tough journey. A small, cold, non-alcoholic beer on a hot summer day. The song of a lark triumphing over the noise of morning lawnmowers. We can always use moments like that in face of everyday crises and global meltdowns.

Hi Stranger

USA 2016 3'
DIRECTED BY: Kirsten Lepore
SCREENPLAY BY: Kirsten Lepore
PRODUCED BY: Kirsten Lepore
“Hi stranger,” says a naked, plasticine man. And it only gets weirder. Breaking the fourth wall, Kirsten Lepore conjures an avalanche of contrarian feelings and experiences in the viewer - it’s hard to describe and it has to be seen.
Gaba Palicka


CHE 2014 6'
DIRECTED BY: Nils Hedinger
SCREENPLAY BY: Nils Hedinger
PRODUCED BY: Lina Geissmann
A group of tree trunks gets stranded in the wilderness. When the temperature drops drastically, they discover they are the only available fuel to feed the fire. Tension rises, the situation escalates, and the threat of a literal fight for survival becomes scarily real.
Gaba Palicka

Come on Kasia, what harm can it do?

No weź Kasia, co ci szkodzi?
POL 2018 7'
DIRECTED BY: Aleksandra Filipowicz, Konrad Ożgo
SCREENPLAY BY: Aleksandra Filipowicz, Konrad Ożgo
PRODUCED BY: Aleksandra Filipowicz, Konrad Ożgo
Banal situations shown from a now common perspective, but one we usually don’t remember. Increasingly absurd situations taking place behind closed doors won’t escape the sight of an omnipresent observer - the viewer.
Gaba Palicka


ITA 2016 6'
DIRECTED BY: Marta Gennari, Giulia Martinelli
SCREENPLAY BY: Marta Gennari, Giulia Martinelli
PRODUCED BY: CSC - Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
Initiated by grandma’s losing the titular bottle of wine, a chain reaction begins, leading to a situation straight from the fables. The way the authors utilize space in this animation deserves special attention.
Gaba Palicka

In The Air Is Christopher Gray

GBR 2013 10'
DIRECTED BY: Felix Massie
PRODUCED BY: Felix Massie
A humorous, absurd coming-of-age story - Christopher Gray fell in love with Stacey Stephens and wants to win her heart with a bodacious stunt. Both growing up and love are filled with highs, lows and unexpected events.
Gaba Palicka

Batfish Soup

USA 2016 5'
DIRECTED BY: Amanda Bonaiuto
SCREENPLAY BY: Amanda Bonaiuto
PRODUCED BY: Amanda Bonaiuto
The stress of relatives coming over envelops not just the host, but the entire family. In this particular case, as the soup’s temperature rises, so does tension between kin. Nervous movements, absurd situations, broken dolls.
Gaba Palicka


CHE 2011 7’
DIRECTED BY: Dustin Rees
PRODUCED BY: Gerd Gockell
A lonesome border guard tries to pass the final threshold. A string of unsuccessful attempts builds this extremely darkly humorous animation, bringing to mind “Groundhog Day.” Is there a chance for the protagonist to find any sort of worth for his life?
Gaba Palicka

Ant Gets Married

Mrówka Wychodzi za Mąż
POL 2017 15'
DIRECTED BY: Michał Poniedzielski
SCREENPLAY BY: Bartosz Wierzbięta
PRODUCED BY: Animoon sp. z o.o.
ORIGINATOR: Grzegorz Wacławek
A big city ant finds herself on a crossroads - the need for love and family sneaks into her life, until now driven by independence, ambition and self-development. Will she reconcile these conflicting desires?
Gaba Palicka


SVK 2015 5'
DIRECTED BY: David Stumpf
When the small screen is ruled by the subversive “Westworld,” “Cowboyland” takes the viewer to the world of classic western. A sheriff? Check. A black hat? Check. A saloon? Check. An audio-visually stunning, light animation - a true gem!
Gaba Palicka


EST/ HRV/ CAN 2017 13’
DIRECTED BY: Chintis Lundgren
SCREENPLAY BY: Chintis Lundgren, Draško Ivezić
PRODUCED BY: Chintis Lundgreni Animatsioonistuudio Adriatic Animation NFB - National Film Board of Canada
Manivald’s thirtieth birthday is coming. He lives with his overprotective mother, leading a monotonous life, devoid of emotions and risks. A broken washing machine and the arrival of a sexy handyman will forever change the family’s status quo.
Gaba Palicka