House of Hummingbird

KOR 2018 138' DIRECTED BY:   Kim Bo-ra SCREENPLAY BY:   Kim Bo-ra PRODUCED BY:   Zoe Sua Cho, Kim Bo-ra
28.09 SAT 21.00 Kino Światowid BUY TICKET

The universal story of a Korean family existing in a house of concrete, with a sharp, clear social context. “House of Hummingbird” is told from the point of view of Eunhee, who is about to enter adolescence. To her and the entire country, the year 1994 is a time of revolution and massive anxiety. Kim Bo-ra paints a balanced portrait of a worn-down, battered family, where strong nostalgia for childhood sits right next to a particular absurdity and sensual texture of the film’s shots.

Kim Bo-ra

A Korean director, who received many awards for her debut feature “House of Hummingbird”, including a Crystal Bear in Berlin and the audience award at Busan.