Knife + Heart

Un Couteau dans la Coeur
FRA 2018 110’ DIRECTED BY:   Yann Gonzalez SCREENPLAY BY:   Yann Gonzalez, Christiano Mangione PRODUCED BY:   Charles Gillibert
26.09 THU 19.00 Kino Światowid BUY TICKET

A perverse slasher in the “giallo” horror subgenre, supported by neon pomp in baroque form. The main antagonist is a man in a leather mask, who successively murders the members of the gay porn industry. His murder weapon is a massive rubber penis with a retractable blade. Despite its atmosphere, it’s not a typical LGBT work – similarly, horror elements are used sparingly and cautiously, escaping any obvious classification.

Trigger warning! Work or event contains content that may be distressing to some people.

Yann Gonzalez

A journalist and critic by trade, but a director since 2006. His “You and the Night” was part of the Black Horse of Film in 2013 and Gonzalez himself visited the festival in 2014. In the set “Lust, caution” we will see his short film “Islands”.