Lust, caution

sensuality and erotica in short films
26.09 THU 21.30 KMO: sala 211 BUY TICKET

A park in the city center, an old theatre, nature’s bosom, a dancehall, a treehouse. Any place is good to make love in. Flirting, the game of senses, a repeated shot from an old film or dance will all become a pretext to discover new sensations in this authorial set of short films. Actor films, found footage or humorous animation will be harnessed in the name of free and uninhibited love. We will prove that lust can have many different faces and dimensions.

“Islands” / “Les Isles”, dir. Yann Gonzalez, FRA 2017 23′
“Scopique”, dir. Alexa-Jeanne Dubé, CAN 2017 11′
“1960 :: Movie :: Still”, dir. Stuart Pound, GBR 2016 2′
“Bad Bunny” / “Coelho Mau”, dir. Carlos Conceiçao, PRT / FRA 2017 33′
“Simbiosis Carnal”, dir. Rocio Alvarez, BEL 2017 10′
“Watermelon Juice” / “Suc de Sindria”, dir. Irene Moray, ESP 2019 22′

Trigger warning! Work or event contains content that may be distressing to some people.