Return of the Obra Dinn

USA 2018 PUBLISHED BY:   Lucas Pope DEVELOPED BY:   3909
25.09 16.00 - 28.09 22.00 KMO: galeria 5 FREE ENTRY

In Anno Domini 1802, the good ship Obra Dinn left Falmouth for the Orient, 51 crew members and 9 passengers strong. Nobody reached the destination, nobody came back. 5 years later, the abandoned ship was discovered. This is how a meticulously crafted puzzle begins. You move step by step towards your goal, through the pixelated deck, to the rhythm of baroque music, watching adventures straight from Verne’s prose through fabulous timestops. And over dead bodies.

Lucas Pope

The author of the award-winning “Papers, Please” – money from which allowed him to spend 5 years making “Obra Dinn”. An American in Japan, he began his career at Naughty Dog.