Sound & Vision: Symphony of the Ursus Factory

POL 2018 61’ DIRECTED BY:   Jaśmina Wójcik SCREENPLAY BY:   Jaśmina Wójcik, Igor Stokfiszewski PRODUCED BY:   Wajda Studio
25.09 WED 19.00 KMO: sala 211 BUY TICKET

A documentary and a part of a wider artistic project. The workers of the shutdown Ursus tractor company recreate the gestures and movements that accompanied their work. A strong nostalgy for the bygone, golden age of the factory dominates their speech. The mounting music composed by Dominik Strycharski and the outstanding choreography arranged by Rafał Urbacki, who tragically passed away this year, build up the visuals: the fabulously staged symphony for humans and tractors. It’s the symbiosis of man, naturally glued to their workplace.