The Black Horse of Animation 1/3

competition set of animations
27.09 THU 16.30 Kino Światowid BUY TICKET
28.09 FRI 14.30 Katowice Miasto Ogrodów: sala 211 BUY TICKET

The film “Lumberjack” (POL 2011 15′) will be played before the competition set. This screening is our way of honoring the memory of Paweł Dębski (who died this year), the winner of the Black Horse of Animation 2012 and a member of the festival jury in 2015.


SGP 2017 4'
PRODUCED BY: School of ADM Nanyang Technological University
How does blind pursuit of unification end? Perhaps an abstract mind isn’t a flaw, but an advantage, while our attempts to fit in only lead to overwhelming, crushing boredom.
Matylda Badera
Enge Xue
An artist from Singapore, she’s interested in illustrating, storyboarding, as well as 2D and 3D animation.


DEU 2018 10'
DIRECTED BY: Malte Stein
PRODUCED BY: Malte Stein
As the water level rises in the neighborhood, so does tension between mother and son. In their apartment isolated by a flood, the border between reality and nightmare becomes distressingly fluid.
Gaba Palicka
Malte Stein
Born in 1981. An animator, screenwriter and organizer of animation workshops for children.

Travelogue Tel Aviv

Travelogue Tel Aviv
CHE 2017 6'
DIRECTED BY: Samuel Patthey
SCREENPLAY BY: Samuel Patthey
PRODUCED BY: Jürgen Haas
We take a look into a student’s travel drawings. In Tel Aviv everything is alien and time seems denser. The protagonist opens up to a new reality. But there’s no time for reflection - only a quick note.
Barbara Adamus
Samuel Patthey
He studied 2D animation, now works freelance in Switzerland.

Gusła or the Spirits

Gusła ou les Malins
FRA 2017 9'
DIRECTED BY: Adrienne Nowak
SCREENPLAY BY: Adrienne Nowak
PRODUCED BY: Ikki Films - Edwina Liard & Nidia Santiago
Adrienne visits her grandma in Poland. Here, every nook hides a ghost. But when sitting down with the family, pierogi and vodka in tow, there’s nothing to fear. Magic sneaks into the everyday reality and it’s hard to tell what to believe in anymore.
Barbara Adamus
Adrienne Nowak
Born in 1985, a Frenchwoman with a lifelong interest in animation. She studied it in France and the USA.

The Northeast Kingdom

The Northeast Kingdom
USA 2017 8'
DIRECTED BY: Alan Jennings
SCREENPLAY BY: Alan Jennings
PRODUCED BY: Alan Jennings
A small, tight-knit community lives enduring the vitriol of the local pastor. But a newcomer and his flock of sheep bring chaos. Meanwhile, a mythical guardian of the forest observes the situation and tries to bring peace to nature.
Barbara Adamus
Alan Jennings
An independent animator, he works and lives in Los Angeles.

Death of a Father

Death of a Father
IND 2017 11'
DIRECTED BY: Somnath Pal
PRODUCED BY: Chaitanya Tamhane, Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films
Babu must take care of his father’s funeral and some unfinished business. However, bombastic religious and family rituals can’t hide the unpleasant banality of death - sad memories, awkward silence, emptiness and tiring postmortem bureaucracy.
Jacek Wandzel
Somnath Pal
Somnath Pal studied animation, then spent years working as an assistant director. “Death of a Father” is his directorial debut.


PRT 2017 5'
DIRECTED BY: Sara Marques, André Matos
SCREENPLAY BY: Sara Marques, André Matos
PRODUCED BY: Frederico Serra
An eye-pleasing animation about the struggles of Gen Yers. Which path will the kitten choose on his path to catulthood?
Agata Leżuch
Sara Marques, André Matos
A duo of young Portuguese animators.

Stay in line, Don't get a spine

Stay in line, Don't get a spine
NOR 2018 2'
DIRECTED BY: Adrian Dalen
PRODUCED BY: Adrian Dalen
PSA from Norway: children, if you can, please do not get a spine or a nervous system. You risk real pain which one day might turn into crippling, existential pain.
Jacek Wandzel
Adrian Dalen
A 20-year old student, animator, director and illustrator.

Cops & Robbers

Räuber & Gendarm
DEU 2017 9'
DIRECTED BY: Florian Maubach
SCREENPLAY BY: Florian Maubach
PRODUCED BY: Florian Maubach
An engaging portrait of adolescence - owing it not only to its intimate POV. The author paints a painful portrait of those entire days spent at playgrounds with good friends, bores, thugs, and girls who chose those thugs.
Jacek Wandzel
Florian Maubach
An illustrator and animator, member of the animation collective “Sticky Frames.”

The Animals

The Animals
EST 2017 6'
DIRECTED BY: Ester Sall,Ottomar Sukko
SCREENPLAY BY: Ester Sall,Ottomar Sukko
PRODUCED BY: Ester Sall,Ottomar Sukko
Nevermind the Beatles, here’s the Animals. The forest’s illegal logging beggins. Ferret, Badger and Peacock - not the brightest nor most diligent trio - try to stop it with the power of rock’n’roll in this charmingly slapstick puppet animation.
Jacek Wandzel
Ester Sall, Ottomar Sukko
Born in 1995. A duo of animators from the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Hide nor hair

HUN 2017 3'
DIRECTED BY: Tamás Rebák
PRODUCED BY: Melinda Kiss
An animation based on a dream about a couple journeying deep into the jungle alongside a tiger. Bright colors and style complement its mounting melancholy.
Gaba Palicka
Tamás Rebák
A young animator and animation student at the Budapest Metropolitan University. A proud cat owner.