The Dragonfly Eyes

Qing ting zhi yan
CHN / USA 2017 81’ DIRECTED BY:   Xu Bing SCREENPLAY BY:   Zhai Yongming, Zhang Hanyi PRODUCED BY:   Xu Bing, Zhai Yongming, Matthieu Laclau VOICES BY:   Liu Yongfang, Su Shangqing SOUND BY:   LI Danfeng
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28.09 FRI 14.30 Kino Światowid BUY TICKET

A rediscovery of the world as a film stage, without actors and cameramen, with melodrama sewn under its skin. The effects of an obsession about being under constant pressure of quiet cameras of contemporary China and open access to data clouds. A peculiar perspective and composition imposed by CCTV, Buddhist temples, aircraft catastrophes and plastic surgeries. A formal experiment, forcing us into voyeurism and asking what lies underneath the eye, with flashes of madness and irrationality.

Xu Bing

A Chinese multimedia artist, with exhibitions in galleries all over the world. “The Dragonfly Eyes” is his film debut, awarded at Locarno.