POL 2016
27.09 – 02.10, 12.00 – 22.00 @Katowice City of Gardens: 5 gallery


„SUPERHOT” is a true Polish success story: first, there was the intriguing prototype for the 7 Day FPS Challenge game jam, then a lighting fast crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and finally, the successful premiere and rave reviews. The reason is the brilliantly simple idea behind “SUPERHOT” – one of those where you’re amazed that no one came up with it earlier. There are two rules to this dynamic first person shooter. First, everyone dies from one hit. Second, time moves only when you do. Combined with a minimalistic art style, it gives us one of the year’s most exciting games: every fight in “SUPERHOT” makes you feel like John Wick. It’s also an intelligent, subversive take on the shooter formula – one rightly criticized for its staleness and reluctance to change. Finally, it is wrapped up by an autoironic metanarrative about hype and the virality of art.


In 2013, Piotr Iwanicki’s team created the „SUPERHOT” prototype and in May 2014 they’ve begun a successful crowdfunding push to produce a full game. They’ve reached their goal on the first day, with donation from Cliff Bleszinski. “SUPERHOT” is their first commercially released title. They are currently working on additional content for “SUPERHOT” and a separate version of the game for VR platforms.

The Black Horse of Film

Feature debuts and second films competition.


No Promised Land. Student études from WRiTV.

The Black Horse of Animation 1/3

Debut, second and school short feature animations competition.

The Black Horse of Animation 2/3

Debut, second and school short feature animations competition.

The Black Horse of Animation 3/3

Debut, second and school short feature animations competition.


Animace, animácie, élénkség and the Adventures of Prince Achmed. Animations from Praque's FAMU, V4 states and with live music.

The Black Horse of Video Games

New video games competition.

{Video Games}

Made in Poland, Artifex Mundi and VR. Polish video games and virtual reality.

The Black Horse of Music Videos 1/2

New music videos competition.

The Black Horse of Music Videos 2/2

New music videos competition.

{Music Videos}

Unofficial history of Polish music videos, guarding the mainstream and 360°. Music video sets and VR experience.

Music Scene powered by Lech

Musical waves, from Boston's retro to Rybnik's cold. Music with no genre nor geographical bounds.

City of Music

About all sorts of music: magical in Brazil, forbidden in Mali, forgotten in Great Britain. Music films from 3 corners of the world.

The Horror

The screams which only stop when I go to sleep. Contemporary horror in animation, video games and music videos.