The Black Horses of Animation!

We now know all 33 nominees to the Black Horse of Animation competition! We received over 1700 entries from all over the world – almost two times the amount from last year’s edition.

The Black Horse of Animation competition is for directors of short feature animations released between 2015 and 2016 that are school productions, debuts or second films. Remember – this year you, our audience, will be the judges! The title and statuette of the Black Horse and a monetary award of 500 euros will be given out by festivalgoers via voting.

In addition, the animation programme features the Oscar-nominated musical full-feature animation „Boy & the World,” the most interesting short features from Prague’s famed FAMU school and Visegrád countries, unsettling animated horror and also special screening of “The Adventures of Prince Achmed” from the year 1926 – the very first animation shown in cinemas, which we will be screened at Ars Independent with a live soundtrack by Lód 9.

“This year, the competition does not lack in recognized titles, but we allowed ourselves to have a bit of fun and throw in a couple of positions that simply made us laugh, weirded us out or still sit in the backs of our heads,” comments Natalia Kaniak, animation curator.

The Black Horse of Animation 2016 competition programme:

SET 1/3

The Gentle Giant, dir. Marcin Podolec, POL 2016 11’
70’s Venice Beach, dir. Lucie Prigent, Vincent Gallut, Damien Deschamps, FRA 2015 4’
A Coat Made Dark, dir. Jack O’Shea, IRL 2015 10’
Manoman, dir. Simon Cartwright, GBR 2015 11’
Velodrool, dir. Sander Joon, EST 2015 6’
Debut, dir. Katarzyna Kijek, POL 2016 7’
Mirrors, dir. Lee Dror, Yali Herbet, ISR 2015 7’
Pavlov, dir. Elior Ziegelwax, ISR 2015 4’
Putain, dir. Cypria Donato, BEL 2015 5’
Pokey Pokey, dir. Junjie Zhang, USA 2015 7’
Hi, It’s Your Mother, dir. Daniel Sterlin-Altman, CAN 2016 5’
Beer, dir. Nerdo, ITA 2016 2’

SET 2/3

Gyros Dance, dir. Piotr Loc Hoang Ngoc, POL 2016 15’
Serpentine, dir. Bronwyn Maloney, USA 2016 3’
Cosmoetico, dir. Martina Scarpelli, ITA 2015 5’
Limbo Limbo Travel, dir. Zsuzsanna Kreif, Borbála Zétényi, FRA / HUN 2015 16’
Revenge, dir. Yu-Fei Kao, USA 2014 2’
Ink Meets Black, dir. Tymon Albrzykowski, POL 2016 5’
Yùl and the Snake, dir. Gabriel Harel, FRA 2015 13’
Love, dir. Réka Bucsi, FRA / HUN 2016 15’
This Is Not An Animation, dir. Federico Kempke, CAN 2016 5’
Espresso, dir. Alexander Gratzer, AUT 2015 5’

SET 3/3

Foreign Body, dir. Marta Magnuska, POL 2015 7’
RRRING RRRING!, dir. Thomas Kneffel, GER 2015 6’
D:729, dir. Levi Stoops, BEL 2015 5’
Pombo Loves You, dir. Steve Warne, UK 2015 12’
Ento, dir. Andrea Cabral, USA 2016 6’
Ruben Leaves, dir. Frederic Siegel, CHE 2015 5’
Frankfurter Str. 99a, dir. Evgenia Gostrer, GER 2016 5’
Anna O, dir. Rotem Yarakchi, ISL 2014 5’
A Long Holiday, dir. Caroline Nugues-Bourchat, BEL 2015 16’
Throttled, dir. JiHyeon Kim, PRK 2016 13’
After Work, dir. Mengna Lei, CHN 2016 3’