The Black Horses of Film!

Ars Independent Festival 2016 will begin in less than a month! 6 new feature films will compete for the title of the Black Horse, among them three films from Asia and one Polish coproduction.

The Black Horse of Film competition features 2015 and 2016 debuts and second films by directors from all over the world. As in previous years, the competition screenings will take place in the Światowid cinema.

“This year’s Black Horse of Film competition appears heterogenic and ambiguous. Yet at the same time it seems to focalize – like a lens – the entire erosion of until now solid social foundations and the general jitteriness of our times. This year’s selection is a journey to China, Thailand, even Mexico and Argentina through differently understood, but very universal contemporary anxieties and fears,” adds Zuzanna Maciejak, Ars Independent organizer.

Cinephiles will also get to see a set of the most interesting new student etudes from Katowice’s film school, documentaries and music films from 3 corners of the world, full feature animations: historic „The Adventures of Prince Achmed” from 1926 with live music and “Psiconautas” based on the Basque comic book of the same name, in addition to about 150 short animations and music videos.

The programme of the Black Horse of Film 2016:

Panamerican Machinery, Joaquin del Paso, MEX / POL 2016 90’
A boss dies in the office of his industry company. Can his death be kept secret to prolong the receiving of salaries? A surrealist comedy about running away from the truth about the human condition – heavily beaten up by the requirements of capitalism.

Blind Sun, Joyce A. Nashawati, FRA / GRC 2015 88’
A breathless thriller drowned in shades of yellow, which hides socio-political commentary on Europe’s current situation under the guise of an intimate story.

Strange Days, Juan Sebastián Quebrada, COL / ARG 2015 70’
Juan and Luna are infatuated with each other. A portrait of a pair of outsiders in their twenties, for whom the most important things in life are good fun, wild sex and no commitments.

Old Stone, Johnny Ma, CHN / CAN 2016 80’
The story of a taxi driver who becomes entangled in the heartless machine of Chinese bureaucracy as a result of helping an injured motorcyclist. Combination of the aesthetics of Asian cinema with the American alt tradition from Sundance. A socially conscious film for the viewers, who until now wouldn’t enjoy this type of cinema.

Communication & Lies, Lee Seung-won, KOR 2015 103’
A meet cute between a cleaning lady and a teacher, both in a similar state of mental exhaustion. The shocking world of the lowest classes of Korean society, extreme sex and the disappearing of interpersonal communication.

Motel Mist, Prabda Yoon, THA 2016 105’
A young star disappears without a trace, his mother embarks on a search to find him. A young prostitute sets up an S&M session with an older man. Their paths cross at the titular motel. Thailand’s answer to Gregg Araki’s works, with aliens in the background.