The Black Horses of Video Games!

Who will compete this year for the title of the Black Horse of Video Games? We know the 6 nominees in the international competition, among which there are 2 Polish productions!

The Black Horse of Video Games is aimed at creators of video games published between 2015 and 2016. Its exhibition will be open throughout the full 6 festival day, from September 27 to October 2, at the Katowice City of Gardens (KMO) building on Plac Sejmu Śląskiego 2. Remember: for the first time in the festival’s history, the winner will be decided by the audience!

The technological partners of the competition are PCStore, VR Enter and Need IT.

“The nominated games couldn’t ‘just’ be very good. They had to guarantee they’d stay in the mind’s eye – like our first naive love affair. Or the old friend we don’t talk to anymore. Or that great idea we’ve once had that someone else is now bringing to life,” adds Jacek Wandzel, Ars Independent’s video game curator and the main person responsible for the nominations.

In addition, those who like to play will be able to check out the other exhibitions: Game in Poland, a selection of Polish indies (i.e. Prophour 23), Artifex Mundi’s latest adventures (Grim Legends 3, Enigmatis 3, Bladebound) and contemporary interactive horror at the Horror House (including Abe VR, Pony Island, The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo). It’s worth mentioning that we’ll play some of the games in VR!

The programme of the Black Horse of Video Games 2016:

The Beginner’s Guide, Everything Unlimited Ltd., USA 2015
The story of a relationship between two programmers – Wreden and Coda, shown through the lens of computer code. A couple of games made one, interconnected by a strong tale of friendship. It asks a tough question on the possibility of games as art and the dubious necessity of their appealing to the user.

Cibele, Star Maid Games, USA 2015
A game about love, sex and the Internet, based on a true story. The account of an online relationship between two gamers, who bring themselves closer to intimacy with every call and conversation.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Steel Crate Games, CAN 2015
It’s exactly what it says on the box: keep talking and nobody explodes. Even in life you sometimes have to press “detonate” and hope for the best. In other words: VR bomb disposal.

NO THING, Evil Indie Games, POL 2016
A metaphor of a sad totalitarian reality disguised as a runner game. If you never had the chance to play on old consoles, “NO THING” can make up for this generational gap.

An exciting shooter in which time moves only when you do. Poland’s big crowdfunding success and a much needed breath of fresh air for the genre.

Emily is Away, Numinous Games, USA 2016
A painful return to those first attempts at building quasi-romantic relationships on the Internet. Through the AOL messenger we meet Emily and try to keep the relationship alive. One of the best plot twists of the past few years.