The programme of Ars Independent 2017 revealed!

We now know the full programme of this year’s Ars Independent, Katowice’s festival of film, animation, video games and music videos! From September 26 to October 1 throughout six festiwal days we’ll see more than 40 events: from the latest Black Horses in competitions, to old school Retro Anime and the Worst Games in the World.

Ars Independent 2017 consists of 12 multimedia sections. We’ll watch: 18 feature films, 72 short animations, 69 music videos – together more than 2504 of video! Additionally, we’ll play 33 games.

The event will take place in Katowice’s arthouses: Kosmos, Światowid and Rialto, the cafeteria Drzwi Zwane Koniem (A Door Called Horse) the Academy of Fine Arts and the hq of Katowice City of Gardens.

The festival’s full programme is available at:, where you can also buy festival passes at 80 zł and from 12 September, tickets for individual events for 10 zł.

The festival’s opening and closing

The festival will open with a retromaniac’s postcard from the ‘90s, the reverse of the Oscar-winning film „The Room”, but most importantly, a beautiful and touching story about otherness – Dave McCary’s „Brigsby Bear,” which will se September 26 in Rialto.

The festival will be closed at the City of Gardens with a meeting with Jean Painlevé’s nature miniatures – French cinema’s eccentric avant-gardist, who from the ‘30s on recoreded the curious underwater world of sea horses and octopuses.

The Black Horse competitions

As always, at the festival’s core lie international competitions of new, young and debuting work – the Black Horses. Like last year, the festival audience (and not a jury) will choose the winners in the film, animation, video games and music videos categories.

We will meet the Black Horses of Film in Światowid. Among the 6 nominated features we’ll find a notorious portrait of a pair of artists, Zuzanna Bartoszek and Wojtek Bąkowski in Łukasz Ronduda’s „A Heart of Love” („Performer”); based on Robert Bolesto’s script („The Last Family,” „The Lure”).

In the animation competition, also in Światowid, 31 short animated films await us, coming from more 1700 submissions! As always, it will be a review of the untamed imagination of the younger generation, as well as of the technical possibilities of creating worlds.

This time, the competition exhibition of the Black Horse of Video Games consists of 7 titles which we’ll play in the galleries of Katowice City of Gardens. Among tchem „Everything” by David O’Reilly (animations in Spike Jonze’s „Her”), an innovative project playing around with the very concept of a game; its 11-minute trailer may be nominated at the next Oscars (sic!).

The youngest competition, the Black Horse of Music Videos will play out in the intimate, free atmosphere of the Drzwi Zwane Koniem club. 27 videos, which will echo in the 20th century building will paint a fascinatingly wide horizon observed by contemporary directors. And what we find will often go beyond what we learned from MTV and YouTube.

Out of competition sections and events

International competitions are not the end. Just as interesting are the remaining sections!

Film events: a celebration of the works of Jerzy Kawalerowicz – co-creator of the Polish film school; and music documentaries from all over the world in the festival’s usual section, the City of Music.

For animation lovers: a choice of revolutionary, cult anime in Retro Japan, the most interesting shorts from London’s Royal College of Art and a pleasant review of animated music videos.

From the world of games, two exhibitions: the Worst Games in the World and new releases from Artifex Mundi. Moreover, a showcase of Polish indies at the Video Game Night Market and an experimental spectacle: a performance of the Polish hit SUPERHOT with the music of Lód 9 – live!

In the music videos corner: shock aesthetics, film and interactive music videos, in 360 and VR, and a cinematic event with Florence and the Machine’s Odyssey.

Additional events

The programme is rounded out by additional events: the KTW 30[s] competition in the World’s Smallest Cinema, the audiovisual spectacle on the borders of philosophy – „Where the Soul is?” and a meeting with the Derek Jarman’s book „Chroma. A Book of Colors” and a refresh of his queer „Jubilee.” Additionally, Drzwi Zwane Koniem will host an unlikely trip to Mushroomland – Wiktor Stribog’s „How to effectively an apple?” exhibition, based on the post-internet, viral YouTube series.

„We never plan Ars according to some overarching theme. Every year, together, we live through a relaxed, fragmentaric choice of what we find intensely interesting in today’s audiovisual culture,” comments Bartek Sołtysik, the Ars Independent’s media spokesperson.