The Video Game Night Market back in Katowice for a second time

Every year during Katowice’s Ars Independent Festival, we get to see the latest video game titles. The night of Friday, September 28, will be taken over by the second Video Game Night Market – an open expo dedicated to young authors and beginner studios.

This year’s 8th Ars Independent will take place between the 25th and 30th of September. The festival is a popcultural salad bowl of contemporary audiovisual culture: next to film screenings, cinemas will show animations and music videos, while galleries will overflow with games and virtual realities.

The Night Market, which debuted last year, loosely references the fascinating, yet wild world of Polish computer trades in the ‘90s – a time when the first Polish studios were born and money to form the foundations of the industry was earned, often in somewhat controversial circumstances.

Of course, in 2018, we can meet in a less suspicious environment, widely smiling as we watchthe latest work of our native, independent, often insanely talented video game creators. The Night Market is a showcase filled with interactive stalls with both recent premieres and titles still in production. It’s also an opportunity to casually talk face to face with the artists behind the games.

The Night Market will occupy the Katowice City of Gardens premises (pl. Sejmu Śląskiego 2) on September 28th, from 5pm to midnight. It’s worth mentioning that participation in the event is free of charge for both visitors and exhibitors.

“For a small group of indie developers, the opportunity to show your prototype to a wider audience was very tempting. The event is well organized and we got some very valuable feedback about our game from the visitors. Is there more you’d want as a beginner?” comments Bartek Rakowski of Funjutsu, who last year presented their “Fugudo: The Way of a Fish Warrior”.

“During various gaming events, I usually meet and talk to people from my own generation – other enthusiasts. Often, those are the same people over and over again. The Night Market is supposed to confront young authors with people from other walks of life, so they can see how their games are perceived not only by veterans or even casuals, but complete laypeople as well,” adds Jacek Wandzel, video game curator at Ars Independent.

The deadline for registration for exhibitors is September 31st, 2018. The registration form as well as rules and regulations are available below.

The event will accompany Katowice’s Art Gallery Night NOC-K.