We like it when people leave events

The 6th Ars Independent Festival equals 6 days of discoveries in the fields of film, animation, video games and music video. We know more and more about this year’s programme. Like every year, festival passes at discounted prices are now available.

Ars Independent 2016 will be held in Katowice from September 27 to October 2. The upcoming edition of the festival surprises with novelties and puts a strong accent on youth. In the international Black Horse competitions, for the first time music videos will join film, animation and video games. Additionally, the titular awards will be given out by the festival audience.

Festival passes are available at the discounted price of 60 pln at the TicketPortal and TicketPro networks. The full festival programme will be announced on August 22 – on that date, the passes will be available at the regular price of 80 pln.

What do we know about the Ars Independent Festival 2016 programme? We know the first confirmed sections of the festival and we promise to reveal another soon!


The first contender for the title of the Black Horse of Film will be Johnny Ma’s “Old Stone”, which will have its Polish premiere. The story of a taxi driver, who becomes entangled in the heartless machine of Chinese bureaucracy after helping an injured motorcyclist. Formally, the film combines the aesthetics of Asian cinema with the American alt tradition from Sundance. It’s socially conscious cinema for those who usually avoid such stories.

Last year, Katowice joined the global, prestigious UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of music. Thus, we present a new section: the City of Music. The Oscar-nominated, music-rich feature animation, Alê Abreu’s “Boy & the World” will be a part of it. A touching story of a boy who visits numerous parts of the world while searching for his father, to the hypnotizing soundtrack by Ruben Feffer and Gustavo Kurlat.

Katowice’s film school gave the world a lot of brilliant filmmakers – every year, numerous young talents, future Black Horses, leave its premises. Our nod towards the school will be section WRiTV – a set of some of the most interesting works by the Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia. Among them, aptly stylized notes from a supposedly boring life in Kuba Czekaj’s “Hurly-Burly,” whose feature film debut “Baby Bump” has just had its premiere in cinemas.


This year’s animation competition will consists of a couple dozen animations, which together equal more than 200 minutes of film. Potential Black Horses will be chosen from more than 1700 submissions from all over the world (from Ecuador and Martinique, through Jordan and Kosovo, to Hong Kong and the Philippines), more than half of which are propositions of Polish premieres! The full list of nominees will be revealed in August.

The animation programme will be complemented by: a section devoted to the early works of young adepts of Prague’s famous FAMU school (its graduates include Miloš Forman, Emir Kusturica and Agnieszka Holland) and a set of Visegrád’s most interesting short features from the past few years.


One of the nominees for the Black Horse of Video Games will be the autobiographical „Cibele” by Nina Freeman (Star Maid Games). Nina is a definitive teenager: with a tacky blog, lots of complexes and a lot of unease in crowds. In the fictional MMO „Valtameri,” she meets Blake, with whom she begins to share a connection. „Cibele” is one of gaming’s few intimate journeys – the author reveals herself to the audience, giving them insight not only into her thoughts, but also her sexuality: sharing her private conversations and risque photos. A universal tale about the weirdness of human relationships, not only online.

Interactive media enthusiasts will satisfy their hunger with other sections: Made In Poland, devoted to Polish video games and their authors and VR, which explores the gradually more courageous venture into virtual reality.


The new competition will introduce about 30 music videos which challenge the form, uncovering the creativity of directors and musicians. It will be complemented by other sections: A Pervert’s Guide to Polish Music Videos and 360° Music Videos.

The former is a continuation of last year’s very well received review of controversial videos from all over the world. This year, we will attempt to write the unofficial story of Polish music video – one filled with strangeness, surprises and attempts at escaping the norm. 360° Music Videos, on the other hand, will give us another chance to be in the very middle of audio-visual spectacles, thanks to virtual reality technology.

The music scene? The festival will be capped off by the Horse finally speaking his mind in musical format, surrounded by an air of absurdity. “Kopyta zła” (The Hooves of Evil) lives on the borderline between a stage show and radio play. Incisive lyrics based on the Edgar Allan Poe novel “Metzengerstein,” combined with electronic music and dancing will serve as the components of the tale of Ferdinand and his evil-breathing horse.


For the past few years, Ars Independent put a strong focus on multimedia. In 2016, the most vivid symptom of this fascination will be the Terror section, an interdisciplinary look at contemporary horror – a genre which always contained the spirit of the era, portraying society’s current fears. In Katowice, we will feel fear while experiencing the latest animations, music videos and games, which redefine the boundaries of terror.

„Ars Independent consists of a variety of depictions of contemporary times portrayed with a variety of media. Sometimes, thay aren’t pretty or smart. We like it when people leave a screening, throw a pad or plug their ears during concerts,” comments Bartek Sołtysik, the festival’s spokesman.