What do we know about Ars Independent 2017?

This year’s Ars Independent Festival will confront us with what we thought we knew about contemporariness. And once again, we won’t be just chasing after the Black Horses – the newest competition titles – but also hitch a ride to the multimedia borders of audio-visual culture.

Z-class cinema and literature have found their fanatics – video games struggle with that so far. The most kitsch, legendarily unplayable – simply – The Worst Games in the World is an attempt at finding the parvum opus of video games on par with music’s The Shaggs, film’s “The Room” by Tommy Wiseau or literature’s “Eye of Argon”.

The choked&blind set is a search on the border of the shock aesthetic – music videos which clearly separate themselves from popular clips promoting stars and an idealized version of the world. We’ll be challenged by art unafraid of discussing human limitations, physical flaws, addictions, otherness.

The Obligatory Odysseys will be a journey through music videos which stand against the wave of the editing butcheries we see on YouTube or TV. The set will introduce the audience to peculiar assemblages of the music video form with short features, in which music becomes embedded into engaging cinematic stories.

After screenings of school animations from Japan, Israel, Denmark or Hungary, it’s time for titles from another forge of European animated film talent – London’s Royal College of Art. The style and technical ability of its graduates always enraptured festivalgoers; in fact this year, almost every submission from the school found their way into the Black Horse of Animation competition.

For an eternity in abstract animation, music – an even more abstract form – always found a way to visualize what live action cinema cannot. Animated Music Videos is a set which not so much lays claim to braving new ground in thinking about music videos, but happens to be a nonpretentious, pleasant vista of the phenomenon of animated music video.

In the round anniversary of both the birth and death of Jerzy Kawalerowicz – co-creator of the Polish film school – we will watch a selection of his movies. “Night Train” or „Mother Joan of the Angels” are titles which still surprise with their subjects’ topicality and freshness of their directorial vision.

Just like in previous years, we’ll also take a trip to the fantastical worlds of mobile adventure games from Katowice’s Artifex Mundi.

“This year we’ve googled our festival’s visual identification: the Web’s stream of consciousness, full of surprising and seemingly nonsensical associations. Just like the programme of Ars Independent 2017,” adds Bartek Sołtysik, the festival’s media spokesperson.

The call for entries to four international Black Horse competitions ends on May 31. Rules and regulations and entry forms for authors are available on the subpage: Submit the Black Horse.