#YouArsIndependent. Ars Independent 2020 slogan and visual identity

Something interesting! Did you know that Ars Independent has already 10 years?

#YouArsIndependent – it’s a slogan, which we invented for this year’s 10th-anniversary edition. Sneak peek! It’ll be edition radically different from what we experienced together. Prepare for an unusually birthday party!

Let the rest remain a secret for now. For more news about Ars Independent 2020, you’ll need to wait a little longer. We’ll not hide that COVID-19 has mixed up our plans a lot.

Meanwhile, we’re introducing the festival’s visual identifications today:

“When we’re started Ars’, we were a decade younger. The festival has matured with us and we matured with it. Once, in a decadent atmosphere millenials just after graduation; now mems about 30YO straight from The Onion. From the beginning it was – and it still is – a party about youth for youth by youth. For that reason, this years’ edition slogan and visual id are addressed for you, our festival audience”, says Gosia Szarada, graphic artist and author of visual identity.

The organizers of the event are Katowice City of Gardens cultural institution and City of Katowice.

PS. Stay healthy!